Our Members


The members of the Federation are organizations of independent fish harvesters.

To become a member of the Federation an organization must be a legally constituted organization of fish harvesters that is democratically controlled by them. It must have a Constitution and/or By-laws, membership fees and elected officers, and hold periodic membership meetings and/or be recognized under provincial legislation. This includes umbrella groups or federations which encompass more than one fish harvester organization. Organizations in which fish processing companies and/or fish buyers hold membership and are eligible to serve as officers are not eligible to become members of the Federation.

Application for membership

Fish harvester organizations must apply in writing to be accepted as member organizations of the Federation. Applicants must be complete an application form which includes a description of the applicant organization, its geographic scope, fleet sector(s) included, description of its fish harvester membership (owner/operators, crew members, helpers, etc.) and number of members. The application must also include a cheque for the applicable membership dues which are based on different provincial formulas. To receive an application form or get information about joining the Federation please contact .

Our Members

British Columbia

  • BC Hook and Line Fishermen’s Association
  • United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia